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Friday, May 8, 2015

Graduated and it feels so gooooooood!!!!!

Hey look at me I'm a graduate school graduate!!:

YOW WHAT IT IS, PEOPLE? I've been feeling good lately. Grad school is (mostly) over with, my summative thesis is almost finished. I'm about to score me a kick-booty new jawb. *kicks back* Yip, things have been awesome as heck!
Totally understandable then why I had to balance all the excitement over here..,

...WITH A SUGAR COMA (naturally)!
GET READY (or don't, up to you I guess):

Ok ok, so I've been indulging in some self care. It's been great (the massages, I mean *coughs*). Healing Elements is the place to be to munch on a delicious donut (such as this vegan gluten free chocolate coconut one here) as well as take a yoga class or get said massage. I love this place sooooo much. It is the jam. Get there and treat yo self (tm)!!

Or you could relax on a hot day with the stuff of royalty-soy ice cream from Izzy's (in Mpls or St Paul). Get the soy chocolate peanut butter soy ice cream-you will not be disappointed. That flavor is pictured here with an "izzy" of soy strawberry ice cream. BOMB.

And U KNOW when I talk about sweet treatz I gots ta mention Cupcake's cupcakes (heh. Cupcake's cupcakes. Heh heh. Fine, don't laugh whatevs). Pictured here is the vegan vanilla latte cupcake. Check all locations-there's likely one near ya.

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go take a sugar nap. See you on the flipsiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...............iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide...

MN Vegan

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I love burgerz, like forreal. I can't live without them. Shoutout to Bulldog NE again, which makes the best vegan burger to date (I holler).

Sheesh, you guys, I been so busy. This final year of grad school has been kicking my ass, but you know I always gots time to eat new things...especially when said "new things" are right done the road from me. Please join me in welcoming Mojo Coffee Gallery to the NE Mpls (represent, cough). Check out their vegan burger!:

Check out their website/decor! And their FB. They post tons of stuff on FB about their artist demos. So you can like, literally sit and eat and watch some dude make a fish out of garbage. They also have some pretty bomb coffee. 

Ok, Herbivorous Butcher, freakin open already. I went to their pop-up shop last week and got some of their (very very vegan) sausage and pepper jack cheeze and did this with it:


MN Vegan

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy golden b day to meeeeeeee

Like, almost a month ago but meh. I turned 28 years old on Dec 28 and it was nothing short of friggin magical.

Wanna know what I did?? Do ya?

Of course you do.

Well, my first course of action was to get my brunch paid for by my parents so we went to French Meadow Bakery and I got this...some bowl full of tempeh and other things.

The tempeh left a lot to be desired honestly-it looked like it had been unpackaged and then just drizzled in sauce. I've had better at FMB (honestly pretty consistently) so I would chalk this up as a fluke and the gods clearly trying to punish me for being 28/awesome/badass on my b day. Whatevs universe. There was and is clearly no stopping me at this point so give up, ya jerks.

Then I promptly headed to AG Thomson House (a bed and breakfast in Duluth, MN) where I received an in-suite massage (!) and a vegan breakfast at my door the next morning. Here's some choice pictures from that whole thing:

What's a golden b day without soaking in an in-suite jacuzzi and watching Breaking Bad while getting ripped on some wine, am I right?

IT WAS BOMB. This b&b takes care of you to a T. I was very pleased with my stay and would recommend it to anyone. The food was fantastic and so was the service.

Finally, my awesome co-worker made me a vegan cheesecake:

Why is my life so awesome? ANSWER ME NOW DAMMIT.

You guys, book your stay at AG Thomson House. It is a mere 2 hours away from the Twin Cities and is just the mini-vacay I needed to get me charged and ready for my last grad school term (!!!)

Get there now!!

MN Vegan

Monday, November 24, 2014


I mean...we did it, cuz I totally donated (like, $40).


Check it here you guys, cuz Minneapolis is going to be ON THE FRIGGIN MAP FOR VEGAN STUFF. Like very very soon:

Herbivorous Butcher Kickstarter!

And that is how you do it. <3 Herbivorous Butcher! *holds hand up for high five from HB staff*

MN Vegan

Friday, November 14, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Let's get this party started right...


So who has tried this? What did you think? Did you like it? I MUST KNOW. IT IS IMPERATIVE.

Also, this is sold at Good Earth Food Co Op in St Cloud, MN. I holler,

Holy crap Herbivorous Butcher. I went to your Kickstarter event just recently (DONATE TO THEM NOW IF YOU WANT VEGAN BUTCHERS EVERWHERE FOR EVERYONE PLZ) and ate the best vegan meats/calzones EVER. Help support them so they can build a shop here and everywhere in the United States. Or just move to Mpls already and meet me there once it happens.

In other (delicious) news, Seward Café has been stepping it up a notch. Holy vegan nachos, am I right? And get this-my omni bruh (read: "brother) ate most of this even though he "wasn't hungry". Pfft.

Also, World Street Kitchen, where have you been all my life? Your Bangkok Burrito (vegan-style) is so damn good. Dare I say, I prefer it over a Chipotle burrito any day of the week?? WHAT AM I SAYING I MUST BE GOING CRAZY.
No. I'm not. I'm really not.

Man, I was hungry lately. Delicious's the bees knees, am I right?

GET TO ALL THESE PLACES... NOW!!!! Or I'll come after you. DON'T MAKE ME DO IT.

MN Vegan

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bring it around towwwwn...brriiing it around towwwwwn.....

Ya so if you're not cool enough (pfft, you're following my blog, yer probs cool enough), that post subject line is taken from SpongeBob Squarepants. Which is one of the best shows on TV for children right now, albeit it sometimes is wildly inappropriate. Which means, clearly, I love it.

Anyways! You know me, eating delicious food all the time because, goshdarnit MN, you gots the best food around.

Hey are you all going to Twin Cities Veg Fest this Sunday 9/28? I'll be there and I'm totally going to Mistress Ginger's cooking demo because derr, why would you not?

Hey are you all going to Chicago Vegan Mania on October 11th? I'll be there!

Come find me, babes. And we' And eat. Maybe.

Ok! Here's what I've eaten lately:

 Ok so if you've been living under a rock (I know I've done this once or twice. Don't feel bad), you've not heard of Herbivorous Butcher at the Minneapolis Farmers Market probs. Let me tell you-everything I have had (mock meats) from these guys has been the best mock meat I've ever EVER had. That's why I had to post about it again. Amazing. Check out the jerky, in its tangy, delicious sauce here:
They're apparently opening a storefront in the future. JOY.
Also, it's time, yet again, for me to give some love to Pizza Luce. Below is their tofu hash and some tofu benedict (I think...). Both amazing. I shame you for not being there now, eating these tasty morsels. SHAME ON YOU. SHAAAAAME.
*swiftly exits*
I'm OUT!!
MN Vegan