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Monday, August 24, 2015


First order of bidness: I has an FB now. Check it here! (Clicky and uhh...likey!!)

Eyyyyy get ready for the latest and greatest (read: my faves of what I put into my mouthhole recently):

There's this place near me called Mojo Coffee Gallery (art gallery and coffee bar) and it is the jam. I love this place and I know I said this last time but it amazed me so I have to mention is again: some dude was making a huge fish out of garbage while I sat there eating my vegan veggie burger. And I kid you not, this guy was methodical and hypnotizing to watch. Also I might have been kinda tipsy. SUCH IS LIFE.

Anyways I ate there again and watched another art thingy happen, check the pics!:

That's the inside of the place. Did I mention that I'm a coffee/tea cup collector and that this place is my effing kryptonite? Everything's on sale. I literally walk up in that place holding back all demons inside myself telling me to BUY ALL THE THINGS. Yap.

The outside deck on a beautiful rainy day. 

The bomb cup of half-caff joe I had. Pretty sure this was a half-caff Americano technically, but it tasted very good and I don't even like espresso typically so that prob means something. Take notes.

I can't remember what this dude was making...but they have a big screen that also shows you in case you don't want to sit there slowing eating your food and zombie-ing out right in front of the artist like a creep (totally going to do that sometime FYI).

So they have several vegan items (including a bombass vegan burger) but this is their vegan bahn mi. I swear to all that is good and holy in the world, there's effing magic in that vegan mayo.  It's spicy af!

I don't know why I took another pic of their patio but I did. Bc it's pretty maybe? Idk.

H'okay moving on. I hosted a vegan dining meetup (check out the Minneapolis Vegan Meetup on to hang out with cool peeps) and we all went to Agra Culture, this newer place in Uptown (bane of my existence to drive through/*throws major shade*). They have a ton of really great vegan options there and this vegan orange currant scone, though it did have the texture of a muffin, was very good! 

Le piece de la resistance (bwaaah I never know what I'm typing anymore) tho was this guy here-the agra plate. You pick what goes into it so it ends up being different every time for me. I don't know what is with their thai sauce but it must have friggin magic in it too bc I swear I could fly after eating this stuff. 

Good thing I didn't fly away though because I really like donuts. That last sentence made no sense. Anyhoo, my friend Karrie makes gluten free vegan donuts and sells them every Wed at the Capella Tower in downtown Mpls. GET THE MAPLE (COCONUT) BACON ONE. OR THE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE ONE. OR THE LEMON ONE. OR ALL OF THEM JUST GET ALL OF THEM. They are so so so good. Follow her stuff to see where she will be selling next-Totally Baked Donuts on FB.

Okey dokey I think I'm gonna waddle my way outta here *starts taking a food nap at her desk*


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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Food truckin'.

This is just how we do (in freakin 95 degree weather). Tim's ass couldn't take it, so we basically ate and left. Psssh. MOVE THEN, TIM, IF YOU DON'T LIKE SUMMER.

I went to the Minnesota Food Truck Association's event at Bauhaus Brewery this last weekend in an effort to try and pin down for you guys some vegan food truck options. And boy, did I find some!
Here goes nothing (read: everything):

Vegan dog from Cafe Racer (ask about their options-nothing on the menu is explicitly vegan but they have vegan hot dogs and stuff). This had potato chips, hot peppers and mustard. Yummmmm. They also have a store front! Bomb.

Foxy Falafel has a storefront over in St Paul  that I've reviewed before (check the tags, yo). Their falafels are friggin amazing. Get some!

Stanley's in NE has a food truck and a vegan hummus wrap on their menu. I love going to the actual bar for sports games and drinking their sangria. WIN WIN.

Moral Omnivore had a curry quinoa squash thingy that was  pretty damn good AND-it's labeled on their menu. Daaaaamn check it outtttt.

And of course, I gots to get me some Fro Yo Soul vegan frozen yogurt. I topped my coconut-based softserve with cinnamon toast crunch and strawberries (naturally). Always a hit with me, know what I'm sayin?

And I didn't forget to wash it all down with some Spruce Soda. Kickass, delicious ginger beer yummm.

Google these food trucks, visit Bauhaus sometime, EAT. DRINK. PROSPER, MY DEAR READERS.


MN Vegan

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Oh hell yes Duluth!

So I am now a licensed graduate social worker, just passed my licensing test nbd. To celebrate my achievements and subsequent hair loss over this whole ordeal my parents bought me a $50 dollar gift card to the Duluth Grill, a really awesome and very vegan-friendly eatery in the heart of downtown Duluth. Then the 'rents were all like "hey this giftcard is for you but also for us bc we want you to take a day trip to Duluth with us and use this...on us!!! Surprise!!!" 
Yup. They wanted me to take them out to dinner with the giftcard THEY bought me.Wth, parents. Ass backwards, that's HOW WE DO.
To my mother's and my surprise (or horror, rather bc we realized that we were about to eat A LOT of food), there are many vegan options here. Who woulda thought? The place looks like a damn Ground Round on the outside and freals if I'm being honest, the only thing that came to mind was chicken fingers (screw you Ground Round bc those were MY FREAKIN JAM-with honey mustard of course) when we rolled up.
Alas! Never fear! This place is so vegan friendly it hurts. In a good way. Yap. 

Check it out!!!:

This here is the polenta lettuce wraps that we got as an appetizer. That green sauce is...saucy. *dies laughing* No but was some basil-y sauce or something. Good stuff. The polenta was perfectly fried and not greasy.

This was the kimchi raw-violi bites. Daaaaamn-that filling. So so good. Best appetizer, hands down. My dad even ate it but don't tell him I told you that.


My mom got this healthy thing pfft idk. Jk it was actually sooper good. The (not) noodles for this raw-sta (snort!) are made from zucchini, which tastes like nothing but...dat sauce tho. That sauce is heaven. Very good dish tho I did scoff at it bc: zucchini noodles.

I got the vegan omelet and it was SO GOOD. I rarely see someone attempt to make this shit. That guacamole was amazing. I got the sesame kale on the side. Perfection. 

I'm so glad the world didn't end before the end of this meal because this chocolate ice cream (made from avocados!) with this vegan snickerdoodle cookie would have been the perfect thing to be eating while kicking the bucket. Which reminds me-if any of you can help remind me (bc of course I'm going to opt to be senile and possibly have the worst short term memory when I'm older) that the day I die I want to go out choking on food like this. 

That is possibly the most disturbing thing I've written on this blog and I apologize (no I don't). Let's see if I can up the ante in the next entry, shall we? #goals

I'm out!!! Get to Duluth now for these tasty morsels or you'll be hearing from me and I'll probably just be whining at you to take me with anyway so just go already.

MN Vegan

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Um, exsqueeze me?!?!

What, may I ask, IS THIS SHIT:


That, my dear readers, is a peanut butter carob cookie from French Meadow Bakery, one of my favorite places to get a treat and some delicious coffee (People's Organic whaaaat). This cookie is divine-moist and fall-apart-y, just how I likes em. Also, I love me some carob in ma cookies f'reals.

Always eat dessert first, people. ALWAYS. 
Next up! 
Roll call!
(JK guyz I don't know what I'm doing over here tbh)
H'okay, yucca fries, you sweet, sweet morsels of awesome...ness. I got these guys from Muddy Waters. Check out their vegan menu-it is the I think I've written about them a few times also so check them tags, ppl. I liken yucca to very thick, fried, french fries. These come with a pesto-y sauce that is also pretty dang tasty. 
They are SO GOOD so watch yourself- you may never go back to regular fries again. I MEAN IT, YOU BETTER WATCH YOURSELF. 

(But not leastly...heh):

That there is the vegan platter from Groundswell in St Paul. This place has BOMB vegan food. This dish has seasoned quinoa and tempeh all topped with greens and guac. It is damn good. I love going to this place. They also have some pretty amazing coffee-I met one of my professors there for a decaf cuppa black joe and I was very pleased with the flavor of the brew. SO. FREAKIN. GOOD. 


MN Vegan

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Y'all ever tried organic fro-yo and been like daaaaaaaaaamn I wish they had a vegan version of this stuff! Well look no further than Fro Yo Soul....yo. Hee.
They have a food truck (look at their website/Twitter for current locations, current vegan flavors, junk like that), and one fine day (during Art-A-Whirl bc shit was poppin) they were parked right outside my damn house! Cool beans!
I tried the mango I think and it's all self-serve. Their food truck charges by the weight so you get as many toppings as you'd like (also check the website for these bc they srsly have a whole bunch. I chose berries to top my coconut-based fro yo!)

Ok now that you're properly in a sugar coma, why don't you drive to Edina (just a little southwest of Mpls) and check out Pizza Rev bc srsly this place is going to blow your freakin mind. It's like Chipotle for pizza and they have vegan cheese and meat! It's all personal pan sizes. You pick your crust (gluten free or regular but they taste the same-totally awesome btw) and then your sauce and toppings. They fire that shit up for probably like 5-8 minutes at most in their wood fire oven et voila!:

I can't even describe the deliciousness-it seriously may have become the best pizza in the Twin Cities for me. You try it and get back to me on that tho bc f'reals...I don't even know what to say except TRY IT PEOPLE.
Okeee byeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

MN Vegan

Friday, May 8, 2015

Graduated and it feels so gooooooood!!!!!

Hey look at me I'm a graduate school graduate!!:

YOW WHAT IT IS, PEOPLE? I've been feeling good lately. Grad school is (mostly) over with, my summative thesis is almost finished. I'm about to score me a kick-booty new jawb. *kicks back* Yip, things have been awesome as heck!
Totally understandable then why I had to balance all the excitement over here..,

...WITH A SUGAR COMA (naturally)!
GET READY (or don't, up to you I guess):

Ok ok, so I've been indulging in some self care. It's been great (the massages, I mean *coughs*). Healing Elements is the place to be to munch on a delicious donut (such as this vegan gluten free chocolate coconut one here) as well as take a yoga class or get said massage. I love this place sooooo much. It is the jam. Get there and treat yo self (tm)!!

Or you could relax on a hot day with the stuff of royalty-soy ice cream from Izzy's (in Mpls or St Paul). Get the soy chocolate peanut butter soy ice cream-you will not be disappointed. That flavor is pictured here with an "izzy" of soy strawberry ice cream. BOMB.

And U KNOW when I talk about sweet treatz I gots ta mention Cupcake's cupcakes (heh. Cupcake's cupcakes. Heh heh. Fine, don't laugh whatevs). Pictured here is the vegan vanilla latte cupcake. Check all locations-there's likely one near ya.

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go take a sugar nap. See you on the flipsiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...............iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide...

MN Vegan

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I love burgerz, like forreal. I can't live without them. Shoutout to Bulldog NE again, which makes the best vegan burger to date (I holler).

Sheesh, you guys, I been so busy. This final year of grad school has been kicking my ass, but you know I always gots time to eat new things...especially when said "new things" are right done the road from me. Please join me in welcoming Mojo Coffee Gallery to the NE Mpls (represent, cough). Check out their vegan burger!:

Check out their website/decor! And their FB. They post tons of stuff on FB about their artist demos. So you can like, literally sit and eat and watch some dude make a fish out of garbage. They also have some pretty bomb coffee. 

Ok, Herbivorous Butcher, freakin open already. I went to their pop-up shop last week and got some of their (very very vegan) sausage and pepper jack cheeze and did this with it:


MN Vegan